Commanding Officer
Colonel Ulysses Doubleday

This regiment was recruited during the summer of 1864. Four companies were ordered from Camp William Penn in July for garrison duty at Arlington Heights. Six companies left Philadelphia late in September and were assigned to the Tenth Corps. These companies experienced the fighting with which the command is credited; being engaged in several of the battles incident to the investment of Petersburg and Richmond. The battalion from Arlington joined the later companies in camp at Chaffin’s Farm and shared with them in the Appomattox campaign, after which the regiment was ordered to Texas along with other colored regiments and employed there on guard and provost duty. The ”45th” was mustered out at Brownsville  November 4th, 1865.


Guard duty at Arlington (four companies) Movements around Richmond
Chaffin’s Farm
Fort Harrison
Fair Oaks (October 27th, 28th, 1864)
Winter in the trenches before Richmond Hatcher’s Run
Fall of Petersburg
Pursuit of Lee
Appomattox Court House
Guard duty at City Point
Duty on the Rio Grande to end of enlistment

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