Database and Archive

History of the Soldiers of the Camp William Penn Regiments

Regiments 3, 6, 8, 22, 24, 25, 32, 41, 43, 45 & 127

The complete military records of all of the soldiers as well as many death certificates, soldiers photographs, burial locations, gravestone photographs, genealogies and articles.

This interactive database and archive contains thousands of records compiled by Ed McLaughlin.


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A Note from the Researcher

Edward G. McLaughlin

Camp William Penn trained 11 regiments, about 1,000 soldiers each. After the soldiers left Camp William Penn, recruits were added as replacements to the regiments. The files contain folders for each of those soldiers. In my research I have found gravestones as well as other documentation that claimed that the person was from one of these regiments, but I could not find the soldier’s records in the National Archives. That claim may or may not have been in error, I did not determine that it may have been in error and added the soldier to the files. I have found separate sets of military records from the National Archives of the same soldier with different spellings of the last name. One of the spellings may have been in error.  I did not determine which was the correct spelling but added a separate file for each soldier. It is up to the researcher to settle on the correct spelling for their needs. Sometimes the same soldier is listed in more than one regiment. When this has happened, I listed the same soldier in each of those regiments. I have found cemeteries with USCT burials that I suspect had soldiers from one of the Camp William Penn regiments buried there, but had no further proof, because the soldier had a common name. Unfortunately I could not add the fact that I felt the soldiers was buried there to these files. It is my hope that this would be a growing file and if you have further documentation, please make comments and email information to the email shown above.

Other Research

For a comprehensive study of the soldiers of Camp William Penn and the Philadelphia National Cemetery, please see the following books by Edward G. McLaughlin, available on Amazon Books. These books are available on both print and kindle versions.

Edward G McLaughlin –

The Cemetery Monument Hidden in Plain View

Chapters include:

  • The Philadelphia National Cemetery – A history of the Cemetery
  • Lebanon Cemetery – The cemetery where many that died at Camp William Penn initially were buried
  • Camp William Penn – An abbreviated history history of the Camp
  • Died of Gunshot Wounds
  • Camp Sickness and Death
  • Pay
  • Slaves
  • Some Unique Individual Stories – Camp Life
  • The Pension at the Turn of the Century
  • Name to Cemetery Section and Plot Number

The Cemetery Monument Hidden in Plain View: A Supplement

A 3 to 5-line history of all of the black Civil War soldiers and sailors buried at the Philadelphia National Cemetery. The history includes where they were born if they were a former slave and what they died from.

Where Have all of the Soldiers Gone

An extensive list of over 400 cemeteries through the United States as well as foreign countries where Camp William Penn soldiers are buried. The book seeks others to join in a scavenger hunt to find still other cemeteries where Camp William Penn soldiers are buried.

Slaves and Soldiers in the Cemetery

A list of almost 400 possible soldiers that were enslaved as well as several dozen soldiers that were indeed enslaved. The book includes copies of documentation of their enslavement. The Philadelphia National Cemetery may have the highest number of burials of formerly enslaved people north of the Mason-Dixon Line.


A picture book of black and white photographs of some of the officers of Camp William Penn as well as photos of their gravestones.

Faces of Camp William Penn

An enhanced coffee table version of the book Faces. Faces of Camp William Penn was enlarged, and all of the photographs were colorized.

I have tried to keep the prices of the books as low as possible and in some cases the books are priced as low as possible per commitment from Amazon Books.